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Natural Healing with Traditional East Asian Medicine and more...
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology
Chi Nei Tsang & Massage Therapy & Reiki
Jade Stone Gua Sha
Acuharmonic Sound Vibration Healing
In ancient times those people who understood Tao
patterned themselves upon the Yin and the Yang and
they lived in harmony.”  
The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine
Chi Nei Tsang:  Taoist 5 Element Abdominal Massage

    Chi Nei Tsang utilizes highly effective techniques to help:

  • transform stress into vitality
  • stimulate abdominal lymph circulation
  • calm the spirit and the mind for better sleep
  • relieve digestive and elimination problems
  • release the diaphragm so the breath can be free
  • promote pain free menstrual regularity
  • relieve overall pain and muscular tension  
Gloria Provitola, M.S.O.M. L.Ac. L.M.T.
448 West 57th Street
Garden Level
New York, NY  10019

Traditional East Asian Medicine for the Modern Day.